Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Top 3 Amazing Geisha Tattoo Designs


Top 3 Amazing Geisha Tattoo Designs

Tattoo forms have invaded every other aspect of life. from clocks to flowers, owls to horses, portraits to quotes, the tattoo fever in the modern days have taken over the much hype of the newer generations. The coming generations see a full fledged tattoo as a business, a source of entertainment and art work and while this developing forum is exploiting its art from the basic key elements. A tattoo even the simplest of them beholds a deep inner meaning for some while for others it is a pure source of fun. Geishas are defined as traditional professional entertainers of the Japanese origin and here are some of the best geisha or geiko tattoos.


The anime geisha
Top 3 Amazing Geisha Tattoo Designs
here in this tattoo the geisha has a subtle comical look in her. Geishas are known for their beauty and skills and this geisha is no different. Her beauty is here overpowered by the traditional Japanese headdress with subtle intricate detailation in pearl white that attracts the eyes instantly. Even the background has a slight wooden texture that brings out the geisha in the foreground


The sober blue geisha

Top 3 Amazing Geisha Tattoo Designs
 while some geishas are known for their dance skills, some for their beauties and the others for their elegance. Here is a life like geisha tattoo covering the rib side of this woman where the geisha is woven into a platform of elegance and grace with her traditional ties close by to her. Holding onto her umbrella she smiles coyly at the looker while the soft blue passes off a sign of calmness and peace.