Sunday, 7 December 2014

Top 5 Football Tattoo Designs

 Show you love and support for the amazing game of football and stand out among the crowd!  This article is aimed at those hardcore football fans that are ready to appreciate football permanently


1. The butterfly:
Top 5 Football Tattoo Designs

We relate butterflies with beauty. The butterfly in this design has beautiful violet wings and it is sitting calm on a football. The calmness of the butterfly symbolizes the peace of mind and the clarity of mind which is required in-game and off-game, while, the butterfly as a whole, symbolizes the beauty of this thrilling and energetic game.


2. Club design:
Top 5 Football Tattoo Designs
Want to showcase your affection for a football club that you appreciate? Then why not ink the club logo on your shoulder and show it off?


3. The winged ball:
Top 5 Football Tattoo Designs
This beautiful symmetrical football tattoo is unique in its own way. The ball has wings on either side of it. The wings are colored in a gradient which gradually transcends from blue to white. The top wings are colored yellow. While some circular feathers are also present around the ball, which are colored in bright orange.


4. Flaming symphony:
Top 5 Football Tattoo Designs
This tattoo depicts flames, football and musical notes. The fire symbolizes the same things as explained in the earlier design description. The musical notes most probably symbolize the symphony associated with the game. The symphony which gives this game a flow, a pattern in which the game flows


5. The king:
Top 5 Football Tattoo Designs
If you are one of those who consider football or soccer to be the king of all games then this tattoo is definitely the one for you. This tattoo features a football inked in black with a crown placed on top it. The significance of the crown on top of the ball is pretty obvious and needs no explanation.