Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Top 3 Amazing Chest Tattoo Designs

Chest tattoos are done by almost everyone these days. You can sport variety of styles from daring to floral and also some can be custom made. You can also give some writings alongside these.

1. An artistic heart pattern:

An artistic heart pattern
You can try something like this. This is colourful and very artistic. This is very daring and can also be sport by tom boys. You can have something custom like this from your pattern expert.

2. Tattoo getting done design:

 Tattoo getting done design
This is a creative style. However, you can always custom create something like this suited to your choice adding variety of other shapes or floral works.

3. Tribal pattern:

Tribal pattern
This can be done as a frontal design. You can get similar works done and also these can be custom mad to suit your taste. You can have some more colors added to this and also you can extend this later on with other associated arts. Talk this out with your pattern artist as he can guide you and create similar to this but suited to your taste and suitability.