Monday, 15 December 2014

Top 5 Taylor Swift Tattoo Designs

Taylor swift has inspired many tattoo artists around the world and many women dream to be like her, it is only natural now that they start to get tattoos in honor of this great artist. True fans know no boundaries to their faith in an artist and will do anything to profess this faith. There are quite a lot of Taylor swift tattoos available today but some tattoos truly stand out from the rest, these tattoos either are on the body of Jennifer Lopez or in some way the tattoo acts as a reminder of this great artist.

This article goes over the top nine Taylor swift tattoo designs which are popular around the world today therefore if you are a fan of this artist and want a tattoo in regards to her then this is the best place to look first

1. Stars Tattoo:

Top 5 Taylor Swift Tattoo Designs

This star tattoo design is yet again a Taylor swift inspired tattoo because everybody that are her fans desire to become a star like her, to sing like her to be like her. This tattoo is a reminder to everyone that everybody on this earth can be a star if they want to

2.Fearless Foot Design:

Top 5 Taylor Swift Tattoo Designs

Yet again an honor to the fearless song this tattoo should be located on the foot to add to the decor.

3.Musical Heart:

Top 5 Taylor Swift Tattoo Designs

The musical heart is another great tattoo to get to honor Taylor swift, this tattoo symbolizes that firstly you love music and Taylor swifts music has touched your heart in such a way that now you are a changed person altogether. The musical heart is a simple but great tattoo and looks great on the back of your neck. Take the time out for this tattoo as it hurts to get a tattoo on the neck.

4.Hand Tattoo:

Top 5 Taylor Swift Tattoo Designs

for a true Taylor swift fan this is a great tattoo to get for the hand which covers mostly your entire hand. The hand tattoo is mainly targeted towards musicians as the primary concept of symbolization is in regards to music and the art form completely

5.Autograph Tattoo:

Top 5 Taylor Swift Tattoo Designs

nothing is simpler in the tattoo world but getting the autograph of someone like Taylor swift tattooed on your arm is truly the work of a very dedicated fan. This design is very simple and can be done even by rookie tattoo artists and does not require much space because it is originally quite small.